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How does it work?

We develop & publish promotional material through online platforms such as social media, search engines, websites, and any other program that targets your customers.
Digital advertising is a targeted, data-driven strategy for reaching consumers in every stage of the consumer decision making process. From awareness to loyalty, you can use digital media advertising to drive revenue.

Social Media

Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, Twitter ads etc are all forms of social media ads. We use detailed targeting to find your customers and serve them tailored adverts that are designed with specific goals in mind depending on where in the marketing funnel your customers are. These are very cheap and super effective.

Display Ads

Display advertising is the most basic form of digital ads. Usually we will see these in the form of banners, landing pages, popups, or flash ads on websites and blogs.

PPC Ads (Pay per click)

Pay-per-click ads can be very effective in driving traffic to your site. It’s very cost-efficient because you’re only paying for those who actually showed an interest to your ad by clicking on it.

Search Engine Marketing

You will typically see these ads as the top results on a Google search (usually the top 3) and they will be marked as an “Ad” also. These work well as they are based on keywords that users are already looking for. The two main sub types of SEM are pay per click (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO).


When a user visits your website, they are “cookied” or tagged. To re-market to these visitors, a code is placed on the page that the user visits, which then triggers your ads to be served to this user on other sites such as social media.


E-mail marketing and advertising is still a fundamental tool to the marketing manager,especially when it comes to long-term customer relationships.


No prizes for guessing what these are. Video is THE most influential form of advertising. Depending on the level of production video can be expensive to produce but can also yield massive results

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What our clients say

We work with clients across a variety of industries

Some people stand out for their great qualities and Jamie is one of those people, Jamie  is highly motivated and qualified professional with experience  in all aspects of business strategies, marketing and client relations. Jamie truly has a strong understanding of the marketing industry and comes with my highest recommendation.
Denise Arthur
Business Manager - Forum Trinity College Dublin
Jamie took over our social media for several of our units in both Galway and Dublin.
After a deep dive into our company, our competitors and the market we devised a social media strategy that targeted specific demographics with timely content designed to appeal to different levels of the consumer decision making process.
The strategy was very clear and Jamie made sure it was understood by all before designing the content and pushing the message. Our social following grew massively but more importantly, so did our sales. We were able to track a lot of the success back to the effort and investment we put into social media. A big thanks to Jamie and the team and Red Pick Media.
Andrea Burke
Business Manager - Sodexo Galway
Jamie & the team at Red Pick Media have taken the stress of social media off our hands leaving us time to focus on our business. We are confident that our tone of voice online reflects our values. Jamie has helped us from end-to-end on not just our social but our digital marketing as a whole with monthly schedules & strategies to target certain markets followed up with monthly detailed reporting. Knowing our online reputation is being taken care ff is a huge weight off our minds so we can focus on delivering the best products possible to our customers.
Hilary Foley
CEO Nua Naturals
We have worked with Jamie from Red Pick Media for a number of years. We've had various websites built, our social media managed, numerous professional videos created and many marketing campaigns designed and implemented across various units. We saw a great boost in sales and footfall year on year and couldn't have done it without the online presence and marketing plans Jamie & the team created.
Brenda Flaherty
Brenda Flaherty - Client Relationship Manager, Sodexo
Red Pick Media conducted an SEO audit on two of our company websites. We were incredibly impressed by both the speed & depth of their analysis but especially by the straightforward and comprehensive plan they presented for improving our SEO results in the short, medium and long term. A great team and great results!
Amanda O'Connell
Commercial Director - Elix Brands


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