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We build responsive, high converting e-commerce websites that your customers will love. We work with you to build in your digital marketing, social media and SEO.

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Services that drive success

Globally, e-commerce growth projections are on an upward trajectory. The growth of e-commerce around the world is unstoppable, with double or even triple digit growth seen annually since its emergence in the mid 1990s. It may seem like there’s less and less room for you and your business to compete but no, what’s exciting about e-commerce is that there’s still so much opportunity within the online marketplace.

Build products with impact

We're not just designers, we're digital marketers. As marketers we know that just because your website is pretty, doesn't mean it's going to convert.
We don't just build your perfect site.


Without Marketing your site lays dormant

Build it and they will come? Unfortunately it's not that simple. Once your website is live, this is when the real work should begin in driving traffic and sales. We've helped clients boost sales though clever digital marketing techniques online. How to collect emails and build a database? Are you up-selling? Do you know where to find your target market?

We can help.


Know what your customers want before they ask.

We can get get you set up with Google Analytics, facebook pixel, detailed social analytics etc. Knowing who is visiting your site, what they are doing when they are there and how to get them to convert is crucial to online success.


Continued Support for Growth

We're on-hand every step of the way to help you achieve your e-commerce dreams. Call on us for help with social, video, copy-writing, SEO, graphic design...whatever you need.

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"Jamie and the team at Red Pick Media built our new e-commerce store for us at Onii.
There are so many conversion features that really drive sales for us.
We also now have a digital marketing strategy that encompasses the entire business. Jamie and the team were great to work with and guided us towards a website we are very happy with.

Amanda O'Connell - Elix Brands.


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