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We had the very fun task of building a brand new eCommerce website for Proaction Training, an online personal training business in Ireland. Proaction did have a web presence when they came to us but they were managing their own Wix website that was just too restrictive both in its capabilities and design.

We initially sat down with Mike from Proaction and brought them through a strategy session to really understand what they've done in the past, who their current customers are and how best to target them moving forward. We also looked into the competition in Ireland to see what websites are getting the majority of the traffic for given industry keywords.

Proaction Training new website on desktop and laptop screen sizes. Responsive
Website responsive for all screen sizes

As with any web design project, we design for every screen size taking a mobile first approach.

We found that Proaction hadn't been able to package up their offerings into clear messaging that showed their Academies on mobile screen as the end user would experience the product. We also knew we needed to tell the end user what the programme would look like once signing up. We designed out a cover graphic for each academy and used some framing animations to draw the viewer in.

Website design using motion animations
Motion animations draw the viewer in

Proaction let us use some more creativity on their product pages. As they only currently offer two academies we wanted to really design each page to be as eye catching as possible while keeping in mind that with a limited offering, conversion rates must be top of consideration. Items are added to the cart instantly and on the page. This increases trust and means there is no confusion as to what's been added.

We worked with Proaction to understand their process of working with their clients to design out some conversion features that will work towards making users more confident to buy.

We describe on each product page what happens when users sign up to each academy in detail to foster trust. We also feature a Frequently Asked Questions section on each product page. If we can answer any potential questions while the user is browsing it will mean they are less likely to drop off the site with the intention of searching for answers before pulling the trigger and making the purchase.

Check out the product pages here

During the initial strategy session we also advised Proaction to produce a lead magnet, something to use in their marketing to draw people in. We worked to find out what exactly it is that their target market look for when researching online for training plans. Once they had put the contents of a Fat-loss Toolkit together we helped them design a cover and placed in on their website as a way to build out their email list.

Lead Magnet Free eBook
We placed the lead magnet on the website home page with an additional pop up encouraging conversion.

From conception to design to putting the automated emails in place for Proaction the have been a pleasure to work with and we wish them the very best of luck with their new site.

See the project here

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