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Everybody knows you eat with your eyes right?

When Rustic Grub came to us to develop a new website for their brand we knew we had to create something that really showcased the amazing food produced there, and also something that made them stand out from all the other food blogs and websites on the web.

We created an interactive navigation on this website that showcases some of the amazing food photography produced by Rustic Grub. All of the elements respond to your cursor movement and provides a unique user experience for one of the first customer touch-points upon landing on this page.

Every website we develop is responsive for every screen size.

We design for each screen size from small mobile to iMac - large desktop screens.

Rustic Grub Website from Red Pick Media responsive web design
Responsive Web Design

Rustic Grub wanted a place to hold all of their recipes. We wanted to create a page that made it easy for our client to upload their recipes with a system that kept everything in-line, responsive and clean looking. We teach our clients how to manage their new site form the backend and make it as easy as possible to make cosmetic changes without the risk of breaking anything. Rustic Grub can now upload recipes easily and quickly without having to worry about sizing or placement of the content. (Also, check out the Red Velvet Cake!)

Responsive Web Design in Ireland from Red Pick Media
Recipe page looking smart on mobile devices!

Also built onto the back end of this website is the data collection system that Rustic Grub can use to collect emails from visitors so they can send out their monthly email newsletters and recipes. We've also set our client up with analytics, on-page and technical SEO to help rankings as they begin to grow.

Client Resources

For any of our web design clients that receive a custom website design built by us using Webflow, we have an additional resource on our page that talks you through how to mange your site should you have any issues. Our aim when handing over a website to a client is that you can take ownership of your new asset, we train you in using it so you don't have to always ask for help or incur extra charges by asking a web designer to make minor changes, or curse we are always on hand to manage any issues or make structural changes to your site. You can find that resource here

If you would like a website that is designed to your brand guidelines, fast responsive and totally secure just reach out through the below contact form.

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