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Onii CBD

Onii CBD - Website Design

Onii CBD is Ireland's only Cold-Pressed CBD Tea & Coffee Brand. (And they are great!)

When Onii CBD came to us for an eCommerce website to sell their products we set about researching the industry, as we like to do before working with a client. We found that driving traffic to this website was going to be difficult for the guys at Onii. Why? Because you cannot purchase ads for the promotion of CBD products.

So, with that in mind, coupled with the fact that when researching CBD in Ireland, we found that the vast majority of page one SERPs were all informational based and not transactional based. We went about strategising.

We aimed to build a site that was stripped back from the fancy transitions and animations to laser in on conversion. Driving traffic to this site was going to be a challenge so we needed to make sure that those that did end up landing on this site converted.

We devised some pricing strategies for out client that encouraged up-sells. Free shipping is HUGE in eCommerce. It can drastically improve your conversion rates and increase your average transaction value. We put a clear banner at the top of the page notifying customers of free delivery to Ireland & the UK.

5.5% Conversion Rate on Shopify - How We Did It!

Cart Design

On the cart page the user is made aware of the free delivery up-sell & another "3 for €40" up-sell before they checkout. This has been taking customers from 1 to 3 items in their carts.

User is made aware of two potential up-sells

We design with mobile in mind.

The vast majority of eCommerce traffic is coming from mobiles. As with every project, we design with mobile at the forefront of what we do. This site is completely responsive and will adjust to all screen types.

Responsive Web Design at Red Pick Media

Conversion Optimisation

There are many conversion optimisations in this build that are designed to increase add-to-carts and purchases. Our favorite is our little add to cart shake that brings the users eye to the button. Also, when the user scrolls past the button it will appear at the bottom of the page ensuring it is never out of site, never out of mind.

Always be selling ;)

Data Collection

One of your most powerful assets is your data. We've worked a data collection scheme into this website for Onii. When a user begins to show intent to leave (pressing back for example) our mailing list pop-up will appear. We also incentivise the user to join by offering them a further discount in exchange only for their email address. (Tip: Don't ask for names, you'll lose about 30% of people that would have otherwise given you their email)

Not so fast...

Content Creation

Given the fact that the majority of searches around the keyword "CBD" have informational intent we provided Onii with their first piece of professionally written content. "The Complete CBD Guide" is a blog piece that we produced for Onii for SEO purposes. If people are looking to find out more about CBD, which our research showed, having a piece like this on the site increases the likelihood of potential customers landing on the page. Market and Keyword Research should form the basis of your outbound marketing strategy.

Professional Content Creation at Red Pick Media

5% Conversion Rate!

The optimisations you see above have been lending themselves to a conversion rate around the 5% mark, with eCommerce averages being between 1-2%. Let it be known that just because a website looks beautiful, has some amazing transitions or parallax effects, unless it's optimised for conversion, it doesn't mean much.

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